Jessica Collins din „Tanar si nelinistit” este sarbatorita zilei de 1 aprilie

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Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare talk with actor and comedian John Gemberling about his hit comedy “Marry Me”! From “The Young and the Restless” actress Jessica Collins joins us in the kitchen to make an amazing Crème Brûlée French Toast! Our own Matt Iseman helps you control your insomnia and get a good night’s sleep. Debbie Matenopoulos and movie critic, Meg Grant, hit the red carpet for AARP’s 14th Annual “Movies For Grownups” awards gala! Tanya Memme makes “monstrous” accessories for your child’s bedroom. We have a special performance by pop group “the Company Men” from their new album “#throwbackPOP”! CEO of “Darby Smart” Nicole Farb shows us how to make our own DIY Marquee! Then, Kym Douglas shows you the rules for jewels and how to match accessories to your body type.

Azi, 1 aprilie, Jessica Collins (foto) din „Tanar si nelinistit” isi aniverseaza ziua de nastere. Tot azi sunt sarbatoriti Mirela Nicolau din „Las Fierbinti”, Dragos Mostenescu din „La Bloc” si „Nimeni nu-i perfect”, Ioana Picos din „La Bloc”, Adrian Tapciuc din „La Bloc” si „Fete cu lipici”, Anamaria Marinca din „Boogie”, Monica Iagar, Anca Damian, regizor, Matt Latner din „90210” si „Star Wars”, Elizabeth Gutierez din „Razbunarea Victoriei”, Anette O’Toole din “Smallville”, Amanda Righetti din “Reuniune de clasa”, “Rebel in California”, “Anturaj”, “North Shore”, Method Man din “Oz”, “CSI” si “The Wire”, Jessica Collins din “Big Shots”, “CSI”, “American Dreams”, “Tru Calling”, “BH90210” si “Cei mai frumosi ani”, Josh Zuckerman din “Kyle XY” si “Boston Legal”, Sam Huntinghton din “Caveman” si “Veronica Mars” si Troy Baker din “Racer Car Drive”. Le uram si noi „La Multi Ani”!